Burning Custom Drum Machine Sound ROMS

Posted on 24.07.07 in the category Audio

If your into vintage drum machines or drum machines in general, you will have undoubtedly heard of the Alesis HR-16.  It was Alesis's first drum machine and has a massive following even 25 years later.  But if you have become fed up or feel limited with the units built in sounds then the team over at BurnKit2600.com have a guide showing you how to burn some new ROMs with your own custom sounds on them.

Burning Custom Drum Machine Sound ROMS

Using a pair of 27C040 ICs and a burner, they take you through the process of converting your samples and loading them onto the ROM for use in the HR-16.  Seems like a slightly long-winded process but the results definitely seem worth it.

UPDATE : Jan aka Wintermute from Cologne in Germany has created a software program called CEG (Custom Eprom Generator)  which allows you to import your custom sound files, converts them and generates the custom ROM hex file.  This makes the whole process a lot easier and faster.  Check out the software at this link.

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