Coca-Cola Machine Debug Menu

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Vending machines often have a debug mode or service menu, you can get access to this menu by pressing the front panel buttons in a certain sequence. 

Coca Cola Vending Machine Debug Menu

The older style Coca-Cola vending machines that you still see everywhere have a standard code of 4 – 2 – 3 – 1.  This is entered using the buttons on the front panel.  The operator can change this code through the menu but it is rare you will find a machine that has been changed. 

Once this has been entered you will be in the debug menu, the video below will show you exactly how to enter the code.  It is the same process with a machine with a numeric keypad or a machine with large buttons.  Just take the top button to be number 1, the button below to be number 2 and so on.

The options in the debug menu will vary depending on the model of machine and the operating system version but the list below should get you started.  There is also a link at the bottom to a PDF from the manual for the vending machines.

You can navigate these options by using Button 2 and Button 3 as 'Up' and 'Down', and Button 4 as 'Select'.

CASHCoca Cola Machine Debug
This option will show you how much money is in the machine, this option is usually used by machine owners to quickly see how there machines are performing and to see if it is worth opening and emptying.  Once inside this menu you can use buttons 2 + 3 to scroll through up to 16 (Depending on the model of machine) different options to find out amongst other things how each different drink is performing.

Depending on when the last time the machine operator reset the total, this should show you how much the machine has taken in total.

This will show you the version number of the machine

There are up to 8 (Depending on the machine) errors you can scroll through in this section.  Although you can't do anything with them, holding button 4 down for 5 seconds will clear all errors.  Could be useful if a machine is jammed.

This exits the debug menu and returns the machine to a normal state

Now the options above are pretty useless but you may find something else when entering the debug menu.  If the machine operator has left certain switched enabled when inside the machine then you will have at your disposal any of the following options…


This is the coin payout mode, this is as you imagine and allows you to dump different coins from the machine.

This is used when the operator is refilling the machine, unless you can get to the coin tube then this is useless

From this section you can test various parts of the machine, you can amongst other things find the version and test the LEDs on the machine

This is a relay test

The standard way of accessing the machine (4,2,3,1) can be changed to whatever combination you want from here.

This section allows you to change the different prices for the drinks, im sure someone could have fun with this section 🙂

Pretty self explanatory, allows you to change the language.  It only changes the on screen language for the customer, the debug menu is locked into English.

Again, self explanatory.  Allows you to change the time, this is done in 24 hour military clock style.  You can also control DST (Daylight Savings Time) from here.

This lets you turn on or off the correct change function.  When on it will only vend when the correct change is put into the machine.  It will not give change with this function turned on.

This is the config menu, it allows you to turn on or off the various menu functions.

Lets you control which drinks are vended from which compartments.

If you want to find out more about each of these functions then the following PDF link will help you out 🙂  It's the relevant portion from the vending machines manual.  For educational purposes only!

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  1. just to be clear the code for the debug menu is usually 4 2 3 1, you have it wrong the first time, but right the second time (under PASS)

  2. Good call, thanks for spotting my mistake 🙂

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