Coca-Cola Vending Machine Firmware Updated​

Posted on 25.10.06 in the category Coke Machine Hacks

With the recent release of the Coca-Cola Vending Machine hack / exploit, Coca-Cola have expectedly rushed to release a firmware update to resolve the issue.

Coca-Cola Vending Machine Firmware Update

According to our readers and several Coca-Cola Vending Machine Engineers, the majority of machines out in the wild have been updated by now, although you may still find some machines in remote areas that haven't been patched.

Maybe next time Coca-Cola release a vending machine they will have it tested, how somebody could have missed this simple problem is beyond us!

25 Responses to “Coca-Cola Vending Machine Firmware Updated​”

  1. I just did this one last night at a bowling alley and it worked great

  2. I just saw this video a few days back and tried it Sunday night at my local Wegman’s. It worked like a charm, much to the surprise of the friend I was with.

  3. Why on earth would anyone hack into a coke machine to get that garbage? Wouldn’t drink it if THEY paid me. The expression: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” is oh so true.

  4. So how will it detect that it has no soda anymore? I used this the other day at my job, so i was explaining it to my co-worker in front of everyone. (we speak spanish so no one understood) I told everyone else it got stuck. 😉

  5. I never tried it, but I don’t think all coke machines will get the update – it will take time for them to recieve the firmware update – so don’t worry.

  6. Has been working great for about 4 months now. havent had to pay full price for that long. hope they dont change them at my school …:S

  7. I tried doing this at the mall today. Right as I pulled my arm outa the machine a security guard walked by and looked at me. That’s the last time I do that…

  8. Did it last weekend.. my g/f now thinks its cool to have a geek b/f now.

    However mine was different from the standard hack

    Inserted money, held flap, machine jammed, tried again, did the up down and ejected another drink, i released the flap at this stage as i was in a public place and got 2 drinks.. it would have been interesting to see how many it would have despensed..
    (note there were 3 rows of the same drink.. i am unsure if it was from the same row)

    Ill try that machine again when i get a chance.

  9. Hey this works great, just dont let the door open any when you are lettin the drink hit the door. if machine says “SOLD OUT” just unplug it and start agian. Have fun

  10. I attempted this at the local mall 2 weeks ago and the machine was already updated. It seems like the firmware update lowers the lift motor’s voltage or something similar so it cant hold more than one bottle. When the second one dropped onto the belt it fell straight to the bottom then made audible whining noises trying to come back up to the flap.

  11. Have you ever tiped a machine before?? its not hack but i have done it with the newer venders with the Plastic hinges… i have never on this coke machine. but if it has Plastic hinges(like this machine)… tip it(form the front) 15° and let it drop(and hit back wall) we got like 10 pops a drop!

  12. My friends and i figured this one out about two years ago when we got four of these machines in our high school commons. we could successfully get four drinks on the conveyer and just throw them out as fast as possible before the conveyer moved back down. the first time we tried the trick the machine never re-attempted to vend the pop, it just gave your money back. then they updated it and it would try to vend the pop a second time before giving your money back. after about two months of the machine always being full but saying it was sould out, they updated the firmware (i guess thats what they did) and the trick didnt work. -cheers

  13. This is a kool hack and i think i might try it just to see if some of the places around my town has updated the firmware yet(doubt it).ppl in this town dont even know what the word firmware is letalone what it means.(whispers)-idiots-


  14. Hey i tried it last week and it didnt work !damit! i did everything right just the money didn’t came out again so i had to buy another one to get both out and u know what sucked, it was outside of a movie theatre and guess how much the cheapest drink cost? a water 2.75$ wtf.

    Can anyone tell me how to know if the machine is hackable? Thanks

  15. Wow, that’s pretty cool. Does it work with an UK machines?

  16. Actually, there is still a way to make it work, the thing is u got to get both drinks one next to the other on the belt, both drinks much be touching so that there is no space between the drinks. kinda tricky at first buy works.better luck next time coke!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I have used this hack soooo many times today and i got 4 bottles out each time! Its brilliant. I did the hack on about 10
    machines that are placed all around the shopping mall! Its great!!!!!!!!!!

    4-2-3-1 to get onto the menu!!!

  18. Yes it does work in th UK!

  19. Yea if coke was smart enough what they could do is get a small calibrator scale like they use for measuring gold and so the slightest amount of weight it had on it it could just feed the coke down into the bottom and restock it but just an idea and im not the manager of coke but i would definitely not be losing money (whispers) *retards*

  20. I had my friend so that we can do this hack but we found out that the metal thing that is with the carrier (check out the Video Response for the Hack247 video) was stuck there. We tried making another selection and finding out that that was in the way. We also did try to move that but it won’t budge? Is that the real patched version? Reply NO CRITICISING.

  21. Yeah i did this everyday at my school, only failed me once when it gave $0.75 instead of my dollar back. Its worked on every single machine I’ve tried it on.

  22. Dude it dosent work on Canadian ones?

  23. This works at blackpool train staion just hole 4323 and it brings up a menu

  24. Man i keep hacking the f*@kers and its great i love it

  25. This is a great trick. i pulled this at the mall yesterday. My gf was there and she bet there was no way to get free soda. I sure proved her. She thought it was funny. So, i go back to the car and she says that a security guard was watching. scary.

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