DIY Audiophile Orthodynamic Headphones

Posted on 04.06.12 in the category Audio

You can buy a cheap set of headphones anywhere these days, but unfortunately, gone are the days when headphones where built to last with solid housings and chunky coiled cords. You can however fight back by converting a cheap pair of cans to use orthodynamic drivers, these share a lot of features with Electrostatic speakers but without the high voltages needed to drive them.

Using a pair of fake Audio Technica headphones from ebay, Stacy Devino has shoehorned some sub £20 orthodynamic ribbon tweeters into them. He then added the required padding in the form of dense foam and cotton wadding, according to Stacy the results are impressive.

He does warn that although they work fine with an iPod or other portable music player, like all headphones, they will perform their best when connected to an amplifier. If you want to see more of the build, a full parts list and some links to suppliers of the ribbon tweeters then check out Stacys site at

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