DIY Driving Simulator ‘H’ Gear Shifter

Posted on 09.07.06 in the category Simulators

The guys over at have produced a homebrew 'H' Shifter for use with driving simulators. 

DIY Driving Simulator H Gear Shifter

Their site features construction photos so head on over to their site for more information Borghero DIY 'H' Shifter 

The unit's casing is made using acrylic and wood, the finished device stands upright on its own and can be attached to the side of a desk.  It looks very sturdy and hard wearing and makes a change from the usual factory driving pedals available from the shops….

Here are some more DIY Driving Links…..

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And to finish up here's a video detailing the construction and operation of the DIY 'H' Gear Shifter…..Enjoy

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  1. Hello from italy, glad to see you like my shifter.

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