DIY Bespoke Under Stair Data Cabinet

Posted on 12.03.13 in the category Networking, Woodwork

Alex from has embarked on a project to trick out his house with over-blown tech projects usually reserved for the mansions of the rich and famous. After fitting his multi-room audio system and running thousands of feet of Ethernet cabling he was left with a bit of a rats nest of wiring in his basement. Although functional he knew he could get things looking tidier, in response he came up with this professional looking under-stair DIY server rack.

DIY Network Server Rack

Built using 2×4 lumber with pre-drilled rack rails for the mounts the actual server enclosure section swings out to allow easy access to the rear. A few fans and LED strips later and Alex has managed to produce a professional looking custom rack that fits perfectly beneath his stairs.

Certainly a marked improvement over his previous setup. If you would like to read more about the build and check out some of his other projects then head on over to his site at

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