DIY Raspberry Pi Solar Powered FTP Server

Posted on 18.02.13 in the category Raspberry Pi

Ever wanted a low-power always on solar powered FTP server? Well with the advent of the Raspberry Pi this is now pretty simple to do. David Hayward at created this combination….

Solar Powered Raspberry Pi FTP Server

They took a case made by CottonPickers which combines a Solar Charger and battery pack which can be purchased on his eBay page at this link. From the looks of it you could probably roll your own for about the same price if you preferred…

Once a distribution of Linux was installed onto the SD card, the installation and configuration of the FTP server took place. Obviously an FTP server is just one example of what you could do with this device, once your setup then the choice is yours.

If you want to read more about the build and see instructions for setting up and configuration then head on over to the post at

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