DIY Telecine Machine

Posted on 09.06.06 in the category Cameras

A telecine machine is used to transfer film to another format ie; DVD.  It works by projecting the image from the film directly onto a CCD chip which can then be  written to another format, sometimes called optical printing.  These machines are usually expensive and rarely seen for older film formats like 8mm and 16mm

DIY Telecine Machine has made themselves a DIY version!  Only drawback seems to be the fact that it's resolution is limited by the webcam its using to capture.  Interesting project though

Check out these sites for more solutions! details their DIY telecine using a capture card and video camera
DIY Super 8 Telecine – A huge resource dealing with most things – A really informative article detailing the different methods of telecine
Wikipedia Entry – As informative as ever
FSDT – This guy used an old flatbed scanner to transfer the film

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  1. I’m just starting my 8mm telecine project. Read about it here

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