DIY USB Shuttle – Homebrew Griffin Powermate

Posted on 24.08.06 in the category Electronics

Here is a DIY USB Shuttle used to control any software that accepts it as an input. Very handy for video editing, this one is constructed using an old VCR drum and a hacked up Optical mouse

DIY USB Shuttle - Homebrew Griffin Powermate

As is usual with similar projects, the optical encoder from the mouse is attatched to the bottom of the rotating drum, as it is a USB mouse that is used it ensures the finished device is compatible with the majority of programs If you want to find out more about it's construction and see some more photo's of the unit then check out it's related forum thread at

And to see the Griffin Powermate that this DIY hack is based on then check out It's actually not that bad value at $45 but it's obviously much more fun to make your own….

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