EyeWriter – Low Cost Visual Tracking Hardware

Posted on 05.03.13 in the category Arduino, DIY, Electronics, Homebrew, LEDs

EyeWriter is a piece of DIY technology designed to assist visual artists, who have become paralysed, regain the ability to express themselves creatively, merely through the movement of their eyes.

EyeWriter Hardware

The project was devised by the Graffiti Research Lab (GRL), who after hearing about LA based graffiti writer Tempt1 being diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) often known as Lou Gehrig’s in the United States or Motor Neurone Disease in the UK, the team behind eyeWriter stepped in to help.

The EyeWriter system consists of a pair of sunglasses, a calibrated camera and LED system utilising an Arduino based circuit, and finally open source software developed by the team, that translates the eye movements into on-screen art.  All of this costs a total of $200 – compared to the $9000 – $20,000 of commercial eye tracking software.

“Art is a tool of empowerment and social change, and I consider myself blessed to be able to create and use my work to promote health reform, bring awareness about ALS and help others.”
~ Tempt One

To read more about the project visit the EyeWriter project page  and the supporting Instructables project page.

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