MagSurf – Quantum Levitation Powered Hoverboard

Posted on 27.10.11 in the category Free Energy

With all the recent interest in Quantum Levitation and Superconductors, it was only a matter of time until somebody put two and two together and created a Marty McFly Back To The Future hoverboard.  Well here it is, the MagSurf…..

Obviously your slightly limited due to needing a track of permanent magnets to run the board on, and also having to top up your board with Liquid Nitrogen!  The other downside to this technique is that due to the size of the usually ultra-thin disc, it is unable to achieve quantum locking meaning the riders have to balance themselves using their outstretched arms.

The team behind the project, from the Universite Paris Diderots Materials and Quantum Phenomena Laboratory, are already working on scaling the technology up so that it could be retro-fitted to current MagLev trains, the advantage with their system being that the repelling magnetic force would automatically keep the train stable.  Certainly one to keep your eye on, although we're not sure it will be coming to a train station any time soon!

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