New Coke Machine Hack – Drink + Refund!

Posted on 20.09.06 in the category Coke Machine Hacks

Here's a new coke machine hack for you to check out, it only works on the new style vending machines which use a conveyer belt to deliver your drink to you. Once you have put your money in and selected your drink you need to hold the vending chute flap open while the machine attempts to deliver your drink to you

The machine will think the product is out of stock and return your money to you, you can then release the flap and collect your beverage 🙂 You can only use this method once on every different type of drink the machine vends as it will cause it to think the drink is out of stock, a slight disadvantage but still a great method to use when your thirsty!

As always, hack247 does not condone or encourage ripping of vending machines, the video is to be used for educational purposes only…..

20 Responses to “New Coke Machine Hack – Drink + Refund!”

  1. Works great guys i did it last night, thanks for the tip

  2. Because its stealing from coke? They’ve stolen from us for decades, time to get that free coke. I think i deserve it with all the money ive spent on coca-cola drinks.

  3. Why does everyone think it’s ok to steal now?

  4. I tried this the other night and i just ended up £1 down and all of the bottles in that class were sold out. Also no drink :@.

  5. Hey i haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet but i think i will work!!!!!!!! ive been trying to do the old hack for ever and i could never find a machine that worked.

  6. I have known about this ever since those machines came out. At school we get those machines filled to the top with pops on the belt and it can’t lift them up lol

  7. you are not stealing from coke, you are stealing from the poor guy whose job it is to fill the vending machine.

  8. Yep, it works for a while, until us, the people who actually pay for the stock and for the rental of the machine from Coca-cola decide weve had enough and disable the “refund option” on our machines.:D

    Thats why some folk are getting robbed of £1 now, unfortunately the when you take a drink from one of these machines then use the “hack” ,the next guy who wanders past and puts his £1 in for a drink ,if he picks the same one as you scammed, hes lost a quid.

    So you aint robbing coca-cola, neither are you robbing me, you are robbing the guy behind you.

    you should wear a mask and a striped jumper.

  9. December 20th, 2006 at 8:44 am
    those machines take in $600 a day.refill maybe once in a good spot
    that poor guy buys a 30 pack of from coke for $15 at $2.20 AUD
    you do the math

  10. does this work on english machines? :S

  11. Now I’ve seen this tried at my school, and there’s a little lever that pops up, taking the soda with it, and continues to move the conveyor belt, thus discouraging this. I was pissed

  12. Heh.. Well.. americans.. Its good.. But in Latvia its not so possible because there are not many Coca Cola Machines and if someone have them then only in very public places 🙁 You`re lucky,americans…

  13. ya know even if like 10,000 people stole from coke
    coca cola would still be makin big bucks cuz it only takes like six cents to make a can
    and yet its sold for like a buck a can

    cheap @$$ holes!

  14. Does this work in Aussie machines?

  15. Hahah
    Thats great.
    I loved the button trick with older machines though. =P

  16. It Works!!! got a free coke,
    This is amazing

  17. U can do up to 3 !

  18. Hi thanks great tip tried it the other emptied the whole machine then sold them onto my mate and made a kill thanks lot

  19. coke……coke = poison made public for the masses, it does so much damage on so many levels, internally – organs, externally – behaviour.
    Why would you want to get it in the first place? let alone risk fines or whatever nicking it, the stuffs shit

  20. ummm if they hadn’t put the code there to be used in the 1st place they wouldn’t have any problem so its the own falut

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