Omni-Directional FPS Simulator

Posted on 18.10.11 in the category Simulators

We have covered next-gen simulators before with the likes of the virtusphere, but this one really does take it to the next level.  The popular UK Channel 5 program 'The Gadget Show' have brought together a team of top design experts and using over £500,000 worth of equipment have created this…..

Its an omni-directional simulator playing a pre release level from the new Battlefield 3 video game, the simulator itself is based on technology created by Swedish company MSE Weibull which allows you to use your own body movement to navigate the game.  This is complemented by a hacked Microsoft Xbox Kinect and a fully immersive 360-degree, 4-metre high, 9-metre wide video dome which was created by Igloo Vision.

There is also a custom ambient LED system which translates the lighting environment seen in the game into real-life lighting effects in the dome.  And as if the fully-immersive experience wasn't enough, there is also 12 Paintball markers which fire at the player so they feel the hits their character is taking.

You can download a full press release about the simulator from youSENDit here and if your in the UK then you can watch the episode featuring it on Monday the 24th of October at 8pm on Channel 5

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