Take Now Focus Later Tech Coming Soon for Smart Phones

Posted on 04.03.13 in the category Cameras, Electronics

Lytro, a special light field capturing camera that was released a couple of years ago, has ushered in a whole new realm of photography, that could never have been conceived of before in the era of film.


Lytro doesn’t focus on one thing, it just captures all light at all focal lengths, then using proprietary software that comes with the camera, allows the lytrographer to chose his focal point and depth of field later, opening up a whole gamut of creative opportunities.

Enter California-based DigitalOptics, who have taken the lytro concept and ran with it. Instead of taking the field of light, ‘Mems|Cam’ – as they’ve dubbed their camera – takes a burst of pictures at different focal lengths from the foreground to the background, meaning that touching the resulting image on a smartphone, brings objects into focus.

mems cam


mems cam demo pic


Mems|Cam is also different as it is using a new microelectricalmechanical silicone (mems) system, which means the optic can be made thin enough to be housed in smartphone case just 5.1mm thick.  It also consumes far less power than other mobile camera systems, which is a huge advantage, with constantly connected smartphones.

via digital trends who got to preview the system at Mobile World Congress

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