Tethercell – Bluetooth Enabled battery

Posted on 19.03.13 in the category Bluetooth, Indiegogo

There can be little more infuriating than picking up the remote control for your TV and finding out the batteries have died, well the Tethercell could well be the answer. Its an AA battery sized plastic shell that incorporates a bluetooth module along with an AAA battery, this combination can then be inserted into any device that normally takes AA batteries.

Once installed, you can automatically sync with the device using either the Android or iPhone app. From here you are free to monitor, control or schedule your device. Seems like a well thought out and simple device which although slightly limited in terms of applications is still an interesting offering.

According to their own specs it needs less than 20mA to operate and only transmits in short bursts so won’t prematurley drain your batteries, if you want to find out more then you can check out the indiegogo page at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tethercell-control-battery-operated-devices-from-your-smartphone-or-tablet

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