Virtual Apollo Guidance Computer Emulator

Posted on 09.06.12 in the category Simulators

The Apollo space missions were an amazing feat of technology, the computers used had limited processing power but were designed perfectly for the job they had to do. The APG (Apollo Guidance Computer) was used on the Apollo missions from Apollo 7 to Apollo 17. The modules original specs are tiny compared to todays standards, 2048 words of RAM, 36,864 words of read-only memory, equivalent to 69,120 bytes and a maximum of 85,000 CPU instructions executed per second. It weighed in at 70 pounds and consumed 2.5 amps at 28 volts.

As this is an emulator rather than a simulator, you aren’t going to experience a recreation of landing on the moon. Ideally this would be suited for a DIY apollo simulator 🙂 Still an interesting piece of software to download and have a play with. You can find out more about it on the Virtual Apollo Guidance System Homepage at

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