Virtual Drums – Wii-mote And Virtual Reality

Posted on 04.01.08 in the category Audio

Yesterday seemed to be a drum-related day with both and featuring articles relating to drum kits.

First up is Hackedgadgets which features a Virtual Reality drum kit built using two cameras simultaneously transferring data at 55Mbs.

These two cameras constantly monitor the position of two drum stick and translates their movements to movements on the drum kit. A very interesting project that is worth a read….

You can check out the link at via Hackedgadgets

And Hacknmod has featured a computer drum kit controlled entirely with a Wii mote.

This system is obviously not going to be as accurate as the Virtual Reality kit but has the distinct advantage of not needing a few thousand pounds worth of hardware to get the system going

for more information on this system then visit the authors homepage at


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