New Coke Machine Hack – Free Drinks Using A Tape Measure

We have always had a thing for vending machine hacks, legalities aside there is something about seeing the latest little trick that is fun to watch. Using nothing more than a tape measure and some skilled hooking, watch this guy from Russia liberate a few canned drinks from a machine.

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Mesmerising video of iPad stand being milled on a CNC machine

If your a fan of watching things get made then you will enjoy this video of an iPad stand being milled out of a solid block of aluminum on a CNC machine. On the surface it might sound slightly boring but for some reason the video is slightly addictive and mesmerising at the same time

CNC, Videos - admin - 19.03.13

Tethercell – Bluetooth Enabled battery

There can be little more infuriating than picking up the remote control for your TV and finding out the batteries have died, well the Tethercell could well be the answer. Its an AA battery sized plastic shell that incorporates a bluetooth module along with an AAA battery, this combination can then be inserted into any […]

Bluetooth, Indiegogo - admin - 19.03.13

Cleaning A Vinyl Record With Wood Glue

For the DJ’s amongst you there can be nothing worse than a dirty record. Beer, ash and the dreaded ‘hand-ruff’ can all spell doom for the sound quality of vinyl records.

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Forget ‘Will It Blend’ its all about ‘Will It Shred’

Everybody has see the by now infamous viral ‘Will It Blend’ videos where company found Tom Dickson dons his white lab coat and introduces everyday items to his BlendTec Blender. Well following on from that theme the machine in the video below take things a step further and literally eats anything that’s thrown at it. […]

Videos - admin - 14.03.13

How Its Made – Magnets

The long running Discovery Channel show ‘How It’s Made’ has taken us inside some of the most random manufacturing processes in the world. This particular segment takes us through the build process of magnets from mold casting all the way through to the final magnetisation process.

Videos - admin - 13.03.13

DIY Bespoke Under Stair Data Cabinet

Alex from has embarked on a project to trick out his house with over-blown tech projects usually reserved for the mansions of the rich and famous. After fitting his multi-room audio system and running thousands of feet of Ethernet cabling he was left with a bit of a rats nest of wiring in his basement.

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Custom Front Panels without the Setup and Tooling Costs

Instead of having custom project case front panels created by an expensive panel making company, Mike from MikesElectricStuff has hit upon an incredibly simple idea. He has taken advantage of the fact that his PCB itself already offers silksreen printing and custom tooling but without any of the setup costs of a traditional front panel […]

Electronics - admin - 11.03.13

Ultra Low-Tech DIY FM Radio Transmitter

An FM radio transmitter is a project that most fans of building circuits will have attempted at some point in their making career. What at first looks like a complex piece of equipment is, once you start putting one together, an amazingly simple bit of kit. Check out this ultra low-tech FM transmitter that imgur […]

Electronics, Radio - admin - 10.03.13

DIY Logitech G27 Steering Wheel Buttons

A popular steering wheel controller for race fans seems to be the Logitech G27, it is a top-end (£250+) controller that features force feedback, paddle shifters, hand stitched leather and 16 programmable buttons. The problem is that only 6 of these buttons are on the wheel itself, imgur user benavery managed to solve this problem by adding 6 extra buttons and a toggle switch to the wheel.

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